Why Praxeo

Experienced Track Record

 Our technology experts come from Fortune 500 companies. As practitioners and real world IT leaders, we have successfully led and implemented technology platforms through mergers, conversions, and transformations for over 20 years. 

Some examples of our experience include:

• Delivered a Cloud IT Governance Framework for one of the largest commercial software healthcare companies in the U.S. 

• Implemented an Enterprise Shared Services Organization for a Japanese owned bank to instill a quality of culture.  

• Provided IT Audit Oversight to ensure that a new online digital bank had a successful Customer Day One. 

• Executed a three-year strategic roadmap for a Fortune 50 technology division including implementation and success measurement. 

Focused on Solutions

Many business and IT executives are looking for partners that listen to the company’s goals and provide plans and solutions.  We focus on the business objectives and the operation and management of  IT capabilities to ensure success.  

Agility: We move fast and change direction when needed.

Customization: We understand different technology approaches needed to meet specific business requirements.

Experience: A record of performance, executive strategic leadership, and performance based results.

Leadership and Solution Services: We engage with C-Level leaders and participate in Board level meetings to map an organizations goals and objectives with IT strategy and solutions.

Customer Focus: Our one and only goal.

What is your “Business IT Solution” success?

A company’s IT delivery model depicts their ability to manage, maintain, and scale while improving its IT-related processes and deliver value to the business which has an impact on financials and risk management.  

No matter where your company fits on the scale, Praxeo’s mission is to get you to the next level quicker.